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Why we prefer millets for Children and Aged People

We carried out few points to consider millets as one of the best nutrient than other nourishments.

Protein power

Rich Fiber

Rich Iron

High Calcium

Increase Immunity

Vitamin victory

Anti - oxidant Rich

Probiotic Enhancer

Healthy fat

Glowing skin

Stress Buster

Fat Fighter

Gluten free

Diabetes deterrent


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Why we don't prefer

Wheat & Rice


Wheat contains gluten, apparently consumption of wheat leads to improper digestion because the amount of gluten presented in it. Polished grain items can get digested quickly; hence the issue in it leads to blood sugar.

Wheat is not more nutritious compared to other organic foods like fruits and vegetables. Research shows too much consumption of wheat is related with serious disorders of brain. Levels of bad cholesterol are linked with a huge risk of heart diseases.

Commonly wheat is coursed into 60% of removal. When it's turned to the process of polishing, 40% of the original wheat grain is extracted. Sad thing is we have a chance of consuming modern wheat as unhealthier, tailored and hybridized strain.

Fiber is most rich part in grains. Unfortunately 40% of these nutrients get removed into the polished wheat grain.

In the stage of processing extraction or hybridizing, most significant vitamins and fiber are lost. Any modern processed foodstuffs with wheat are similar to toxic. This could leads to the body in serious health risks than advantage. It really shows wheat products as no nutritional worth.

Expertise in nutritional programs for overweight patients conveys, when we focused to nutrition, wheat grains might be considered as a wicked grain.



White rice is composed mainly of simple carbohydrates, which is the bad kind of carbohydrates. Even though white rice provides instant energy, it lifts up the blood sugar level in the body.

It generates sugar collapse which leads to overeat. Normal carbohydrates are also related to quick obesity.

Avoiding rice assists to maintain the blood sugar in normal. Over consumption of rice will increase the blood sugar levels up.

White rice contains less amount of fiber that does not support to keep your body fit.

Advantage in staying away from rice would help you to prevent from diabetes.

It generates sugar collapse which leads to overeat. Normal carbohydrates are also related to quick obesity.


What We Can Do

Products We Distribute

Baajara Traditional Food Products

Baajara Traditional Food Products

We are the major distributors for the health food product company, 'SanLak Agro-Industries Pvt. Ltd'.

SanLak Agro-Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise that is engaged in empowering farmers and consumers through the promotion of sustainably farmed health grains to replace rice and wheat in consumer diets. The SanLak products, branded under the name 'Smilyfe', are namely 'Amaranth', 'Barnyard Millet' and 'Kodo Millet', with more products in the pipeline. The products are extremely healthy and they are one of the only companies which package millets with their bran content unpolished, thereby retaining their nutritive values. The products have been attractively packaged in standing pouches with ziplock, using fully automated machines with food grade stainless steel 304 (SS304) grain contact areas. The pictures of our packages have been attached with this mail. Along with this, we also give you a short product description for your perusal.