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Barnyard Millet

Barnyard Millet is a force to reckon with a versatile stockpile of nutritional vitality. In the upper reaches of the Himalayas, it has provided sustenance for centuries.

It can be farmed in a variety of terrain, temperatures, fertility and rainfall conditions, and is grown across India, Nepal and Burma.

Barnyard Millet offers tremendous health benefits, and just a handful per day can take your energy to a totally different level.

Barnyard Millet

Full of fibre and healthy fats!

Help your body digest better by eating foods rich in fibre and healthy fats.

Barnyard Millet is an excellent source of both, making you more energy efficient.

fibre and healthy fats!

Glowing skin

In this case of glowing skin is matter what you eat for your body than what you applied for your body. You might be thought about some cosmetics and other natural applications.

Apart from this our traditional nutrient millet is the right food to glow your skin. Banyard is the type of millet that has rich content of substance to help for glowing and healthy skin. .

Glowing skin

Benefits for your blood and bones

Benefits for your blood and bones

Barnyard Millet has one of the highest iron, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese contents, making it excellent for your bone density and blood cells.

Zinc zing

Zinc zing!

Boost your immunity, metabolism, fertility, and neuron communication with Barnyard Millets. These super grains are a natural source of zinc, which is essential for all these functions.

Copper cool

Copper cool!

Barnyard Millet is an excellent natural source of copper vital to generate collagen, regulate your heart rhythm, thyroid functions, and reduce cholesterol. It helps keep arthritis under control and prevent premature aging!

Packed with Protein

Packed with Protein!

A wonderful source of natural protein, it helps to boost energy and fertility levels and build strength in the body. It is an excellent alternative for vegans, vegetarians, and for those who are lactose intolerant.

Vitamin Vitality

Vitamin Vitality!

Barnyard Millet is a fantastic natural source of vitamins, particularly the Vitamin B family -­‐ essential for the proper functioning of your brain and hormones.

Healthy fat

Healthy fat

Healthy fat is necessary to live strong. Banyard proved for high amount of healthy fat presented nutrients compared to other nourishments. These fine fats can tune up your cholesterol levels, help to stay away from heart diseases and benefit for blood sugar level consistency. Also this fat would serve particularly for brain. We can get healthy fat from the wonderful food resources like healthy fat like fish, millets, seeds etc.

Diabetes deterrent!

Barnyard millet is known for helping to stave off diabetes as it induces a slow release of sugar into the blood stream, helping to prevent the spikes in blood sugar that most diabetics experience, and keep the glycemic index in check.

Barnyard millet is as versatile in the kitchen as it is in the soil. Give your breakfasts a new twist with this whole grain dynamo from Smilyfe and wake up to a whole new feeling! This crunchy little grain makes delicious biscuits, muffins, dosas, idlis, upma, and pilafs.

Rising water scarcity, soaring temperatures and population growth oblige us to explore the potential of new hardy, drought resistant and nutritious crops such as millets (Major & Minor), quinoa, amaranth, chia, teff, etc.

Smilyfe is an initiative from SanLak Agro-­‐Industries Private Limited, which believes in promoting crops that grow in infertile soil and limited water resources. At, SanLak Agro-­‐Industries Private Limited, our key stakeholders are farmers.

To enlighten and empower our farmers, we have curated information which is disseminated via the "SanLak Crop Advisory Programme" providing holistic information, instructions, best practices and protocols to produce and harvest these crops over an extended period of time.

We support them to provide high quality, nutritious food for a healthy and sustainable community.